House Heads

Andrew Meller

Superfett Records continue their series of club slammers and knocks it out again with a big three tracker EP from the dopest Serbian export Andrew Meller who had a phenomenal and breakthrough year in 2019 with several No. 1 Hits on Saved Records and Glasgow Underground. First „Eleven“ is a huge old school electro track that will get the dance floor fired up and dancing. Giant kicks down low, whipping hi hats and swelling electro bass line groove up top. 100% Banger alarm! Next is „House Heads“, a 7min house groover with a percussive groove, catchy female vocal cuts and driven bass line does exactly what it says. Last but not least „In My Soul“, a beautiful tune full flavour and warm synth sounds. It’s got some great vocal up top and plenty of dynamic chords that add to the energy and buzz of the track. This one is for the lovers!

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